Raise the Wage Mountain View Petition!

Mountain View City Council sets their agenda for the year in just 2 weeks. This is a CRITICAL moment to make our voices heard that we want change here in Silicon Valley and a raise in the wage. Please sign the petition and extra bonus points if you join the party at the city council meeting Tuesday, April 22nd, at 6:30pm to show your support! We are looking for 1,000 signatures by April 22nd, so please share widely!

Mountain View Calls on City Council to Raise the Wage Tuesday, April 22 at 6:30pm

Dress your finest (snazzy jeans included) and if you feel inspired, bring your own sign! Signs that say where you live or an organization you belong to that is local are encouraged. Please invite friends. The time is crucial as city council sets their agenda for the year the following Tuesday, April 29th!

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